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1 Tavistock Place.jpg

34-36 Tavistock Place

Where Lenin and Jerome K. Jerome weren't quite next-door neighbours.

2 St Dunstan.jpg

St Dunstan in the East

An oasis of calm in the City of London, but it hasn't always been this tranquil.

In 2018 I became a Founding Expert for PlaceCloud, an app for geolocated podcasts. I have made 14 viewpoints, a selection of which is given here. Find the full list on Spotify.

3. St John's Gate.jpg
4. Bell Wharf Lane.jpg
5 Old St P.jpg

St John's Gate

Peel back the centuries on a walk down St John's Lane.

Bell Wharf Lane

The site of a lost medieval public toilet, founded by Dick Whittington.

Old St Pancras Churchyard

This peaceful churchyard has a turbulent past.


I frequently appear on podcasts related to art, culture and Tudor history. Recent appearances have included Talking Tudors with Natalie Grueninger and Evening Standard's The Leader. 

3 Minute Thesis

In 2015 I was runner up in the University of Cambridge's Three Minute Thesis competition, with my research into clocks in Tudor portraits.

A video of my talk was made by
St John's College, Cambridge.

Their article about my research in the competition can be read here.

Humans in 5

In 2017 I made a short video about my PhD research for YouTube channel HumansIn5's 'Meet a Researcher' segment.

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