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'The Advent Visitor' Published in Ghosts & Scholars Magazine

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

I'm delighted that my ghost story 'The Advent Visitor' has been published in Ghosts & Scholars Magazine no. 38. The story features a legend about St John's College, Cambridge, which was published in a real 1647 pamphlet by Roger Dalton, 'A strange and true relation of a young woman possest with the Devill ... Also a letter from Cambridge, wherein is related the late conference between the Devil (in the shape of a Mr. of Arts) and one Ashbourner a scholler of S. Johns Colledge'.

Ghosts and Scholars Magazine features articles about M R James, and new fiction written in a similar style. It is issued twice each year, and subscription enquiries can be directed to Mark and Jo Valentine via lostclub [at] btopenworld [dot] com.

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