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AHRC/BBC New Generation Thinkers

In 2019 I was chosen as one of ten AHRC/BBC New Generation Thinkers, early career researchers who are given the opportunity to present their research to wider audiences.

The 2019 cohort was launched at the Sage Gateshead Festival on 30th March 2019. Our introductory episode of Free Thinking was broadcast on 25th April 2019 and can be found here.

Links to other programmes I've made as a New Generation Thinker can be found below.


The Essay

Tudor Virtual Reality


Advances in robotics and virtual reality are giving us ever more 'realistic' ways of representing the world, but the quest for vivid visualisation is thousands of years old. New Generation Thinker Christina Faraday takes us from dinosaurs and the ancient Roman orator Quintilian to Elizabethan art. Although often written off as stiff and artificial, storytelling and vividness were an important part of painting in this period, when art was used to communicate messages at once social, religious and political.

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BBC Proms

Grünewald, the Isenheim Altarpiece and Paul Hindemith



In the interval art historian and New Generation Thinker Christina Faraday talks to Martin Handley about the Isenheim Altarpiece (c.1515), a masterpiece of the Northern Renaissance by the painter Matthias Grünewald, which inspired Paul Hindemith to write the symphony Mathis der Maler (1934).

Item starts at 1:09:49
Not currently available online.


Free Thinking

Kindness, Kids in Care and Mechanical Amusements



Rutger Bregman challenges ideas about the selfish gene, and survival of the fittest with stories of human co-operation and kindness as he publishes a book called Human Kind - A Hopeful History. Plus Dr Sylvan Baker on rethinking the way we treat kids in care. And New Generation Thinker Christina Faraday on an anniversary of the fairground.

Mechanical amusements starts at 24:30.
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Free Thinking

An Insider's View of War, Minnette de Silva, and Pop-up Anatomy



Ex-marine and journalist Elliot Ackerman talks with Iraq war political advisor Emma Sky. A novel by Shiromi Pinto tracing the life of Sri Lankan architect Minnette de Silva. New Generation Thinker Christina Faraday researches the history of pop-up anatomy books. Rana Mitter presents.

Pop-up anatomy starts at 22:11.
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Free Thinking

The Joy of Sewing, Poet Fatimah Ashgar and Painting in Miniature



Shahidha Bari talks to Fatimah Asghar about poetry and the Emmy nominated web series Brown Girls, looks at the miniatures of Nicholas Hilliard and the popular history of sewing with Clare Hunter. She is also joined by historians Christina Faraday, who studies art in Tudor and Jacobean England and Jade Halbert, who researches the British Fashion Industry.


Painting in miniature starts at 21:50.
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