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Talks and Courses

Any public talks or courses in the near future will be listed below.

The Eloquent Dead: Elizabethan and Jacobean Monuments in Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge

Church Monuments Society (Online Talk)

Online Talk
Saturday 26th March

The Chapel of Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge, contains four impressive Elizabethan and Jacobean monuments: to John Caius, re-founder of the College; William Webbe, Fellow Commoner; Dr Stephen Perse, Fellow and benefactor; and Dr Thomas Legge, Master and successor to Caius. This talk will analyse the monuments alongside nearby contemporary examples, and consider them as indicative of the College’s desire to consolidate its corporate identity in the first half-century after the refoundation, and of the deep diffusion of classical and rhetorical influences in a post-Reformation Cambridge College.

Art and the Tudors

Institute for Continuing Education, University of Cambridge

In-person Course
6th-8th May 2022
Weekend Residential

Despite the fame of Holbein's portraits, art might not be the first thing that comes to mind when we think of the Tudors. In this course we'll uncover the rich variety of painting, architecture, tapestry and other decorative objects that surrounded English viewers in the 16th century, putting these artworks into their religious, political, social and artistic contexts. We’ll consider issues such as the extent of Renaissance influences at the court of Henry VIII, the revival of medieval and neo-chivalric themes under Elizabeth I, and the lesser-known artistic atmosphere during the reigns of Henry VII, Edward VI and Mary I.

Past Talks and Courses

Art and Power: The Visual World of Mary Queen of Scots

Wallace Collection, London (Online)

Online Course
8th-9th Feb 2022

(videos available for a week after)

Inspired by the Wallace Collection’s 16th-century painting of Mary, Queen of Scots, this course marks the queen’s death by execution on 8 February 1587, and explores her extraordinary life. She had spent almost 20 years in England as a prisoner of Elizabeth I – in exile from her kingdom following a dramatic sequence of events involving assassination, abduction and rebellion. Throughout her life, Mary employed a range of fine and decorative arts to promote herself and her reign, even in exile. In this course we’ll explore the images and objects that Mary had at her disposal: from portraits to entertainments, interior furnishings to fashion. By reconstructing the visual world that surrounded her and the images that came to define her, we’ll examine the persuasive power of art in the world of politics.

Course Feedback:

'This was a very high-quality course and must count as one of the best I have attended. I was, in particular, very impressed at the way in which Dr Faraday unravelled the tangled skein which was Mary Stuart's life.'


'I liked the lecturer very much, she paced the presentation very well. Very interesting range of objects to bring the world of Mary to life. Thoroughly enjoyed.'


'Really impressed with Dr Faraday's knowledge and ability to impart it without being overwhelming. Well-structured and kept connecting themes to weave the story.'

The Tudor Eye: Art and Architecture in Sixteenth Century England

Institute for Continuing Education, University of Cambridge

Online Course
July 2021

In this course we will be exploring the art and architecture of the Tudor age. From portraits to tapestries, from great houses to elaborate entertainments, ten lectures will cover the full range of visual and material culture. We will attempt to get inside the mind of the Tudor viewer, reconstructing their attitudes towards and experiences of the images and objects that surrounded them. We will consider the upheavals of the Reformation, the politics of the court and the intimate relationships of those who lived and died through the turbulent sixteenth century.

Course Feedback:

'Absolutely superb course, with brilliant design and fantastic delivery. The content was thoughtfully crafted, and themes and topics built meaningfully upon one another. Dr. Faraday was an outstanding tutor: such an engaging lecturer, and wonderfully engaged in her responses to, and dialogue with, our forum discussions. An exceptional course!'

'Thank you so much to Dr Christina Faraday for a most informative and very interesting series of lectures on the Tudor Eye.  Normally Tudor lectures dwell on political and dynastic aspects of the reign. My knowledge of this period was substantially enhanced. Excellent! an excellent series all round!'

'Dr Faraday is the most articulate and  insightful of tutors.  She made the course not only interesting historically but visually.  Her breadth of knowledge of the Tudor period is impressive.'

'An excellent course.  A pity it is only one week!'

'Thank you for a brilliant course beautifully presented by an excellent inspirational tutor.'

'I greatly enjoyed this course. Christina Faraday's lectures were excellent: clear, well-organised, and packed full of fascinating material and interesting visuals. Dr Faraday was unfailingly positive, friendly and informative in all her responses to students' comments and questions, and her deep knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject were impressive.'

'The Plague of Company'? Poets and Painters in Shakespeare's England

Institute for Continuing Education, University of Cambridge

Online Course
Winter Festival
18-22 January

Like many Elizabethan and Jacobean poets, Shakespeare frequently compares himself to a painter. What was gained, or lost, by comparing poetry to painting? What paintings would Shakespeare have seen, anyway? We explore the visual arts of Shakespeare’s time, and the ways that poetry interacted with portraits, miniatures, and other art in the Tudor home. The course will be taught through a mixture of pre-recorded video sessions and discussion on the dedicated Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). 

Course Feedback:

'Dr Christina Faraday is exemplary in her knowledge, teaching skills, presentation and diligence.  The course as well as being meticulously prepared and delivered was lively and engaging, providing a variety different activities and opportunities to respond with our own creativity.  I enjoyed the course hugely and I have been inspired to lots of further study and creative projects of my own.  Exceptionally good.'

'This is a real gem of a course.  Beautifully presented by an excellent tutor.'

'Superb, well-structured course. Fascinating content, excellently presented by our tutor, Dr Christina Faraday, who was diligent and supportive throughout.'


'I cannot speak too highly of Christina, the tutor. She put in a huge amount of work, not only in creating the course but in delivering it. There were hardly any comments she did not reply to. She was very kind and encouraging to all of us without being patronising in any way. She also gave huge amounts of additional information in her comments links, extra images and so on. She gave links to some academic papers, which I have read and enjoyed.'

'I have done quite a lot of on-line courses with various universities and colleges I would rank this course very highly.'

'Excellent, enjoyable, stimulating course had both breadth and depth, well related to topic, with a good balance of theory and example. Tutor also excellent - absorbing lectures and adept at stimulating and sustaining discussion.'

English Renaissance Portraits

Institute for Continuing Education, University of Cambridge

Weekend Course

1-3 November 2019

From Holbein’s Henry VIII to Nicholas Hilliard’s miniatures of Elizabeth I, portraits are some of the most iconic artworks of Tudor England. This course will look at likenesses in different media, from oil and miniature painting to funeral monuments and prints. We will explore the reasons why portraiture was so popular in the period, and discover the symbolic and political dimensions of these stunning works.

Course Feedback:

'Dr Faraday's enthusiasm and energy were fantastic - she inspired us all and awe couldn't wait for more. Brilliant screen shows, such a variety and all so well prepared ... she knows so much and puts it all over so intelligently

and is so easy to understand.'

'Hugely enjoyable course. Tutor was very engaging and clearly has deep and wide ranging knowledge of the subject. The classes were inclusive and questions encouraged. Pacing and materials were well-judged. Five stars!'


'Super team quiz at the end - good fun - helped me to realised how much I have learnt!'

'This was my first course at Madingley Hall. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and it has exceeded all my expectations, It is clear that a lot of time and effort has been put into the course. Christina was marvellous and I'm only sad that it's come to an end. The level of content and clear explanation means I have gained a great deal of new knowledge and understanding. ... Christina's level of knowledge knows no bounds and this is infectious.'

'Fantastic course- really enjoyed it. When is Christina's next course!? It was fantastic.'

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