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BBC Radio 3 Free Thinking

I talked about portrait miniatures with Shahidha Bari on BBC Radio 3's Free Thinking 'The Joy of Sewing, Poet Fatimah Asghar and Painting in miniature', available after broadcast on BBC Sounds or inthe BBC Arts and Ideas Podcast.

Listen here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0002mk2

The section on portrait miniatures starts at 21:50.

Description of programme:

Shahidha Bari talks to Fatimah Asghar about poetry and the Emmy nominated web series Brown Girls, looks at the miniatures of Nicholas Hilliard and the popular history of sewing with Clare Hunter. She is also joined by historians Christina Faraday, who studies art in Tudor and Jacobean England and Jade Halbert, who researches the British Fashion Industry.


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